Cymbals are sensitive instruments and many things like stands and felts affect their sound.


CUSH PADS® were designed to allow cymbals to ring the way they were intended.


Try CUSH PADS® out and A/B them against anything else.


Put your favorite cymbal on your finger and strike it, and compare how it sounds when you set it on a stand with felts or any other product on the market.


We’re confident that the CUSH PADS® will come out on top by allowing your cymbals to ring more naturally. Throw in the fact that they don’t collapse or wear out, which means that your cymbals and Hi Hats will stay where you put them and they will last a lifetime.


Try the CUSH PADS® on your cymbals and you will see that your cymbals ring truer; sound brighter and more natural.


Drummers immediately comment on the improvement in stick feel and response on the cymbals with the CUSH PADS®.


The Patent Pending CUSH PADS® are made in U.S.A. of a proprietary elastomer material. They can take abuse and they will always maintain their shape because they are precision cut and ground to the right size from our proprietary material.


They will withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, and they will keep on protecting your cymbals and allowing them to ring truer than any other pad.


Your cymbals will ring more naturally and will not get dampened like other products on the market.


Set your cymbals free!

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Review of the Tone Tamers and the CUSH Pads
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