What are CUSH PADS®?


Most people know that there are several choices when it comes to felts and pads for your cymbals, and the reasons one chooses one pad over the other usually breaks down to a few factors, looks, sound and I don’t care.


What are CUSH PADS® and how do they differ from other products?


CUSH PADS® are an affordable way to improve the sound and feel of your existing cymbals by replacing the standard tone-dampening felts that come with cymbal stands.


Felts, cellular foam pads and even half felt, half rubber pads dampen the sound of your cymbals and attenuate the lovely overtones that your instrument produces.


These products are made of a far less costly material, and this material naturally dampens the inherent overtones and harmonics of your cymbals.


CUSH PADS® do not collapse or distort when you place your cymbals on them. They have a low Compression Set, in short they do not stay bent or compressed when you bend them, or lose their shape from the weight of a cymbal, they return to their shape right away.


We worked very hard to formulate the perfect durometer on the material, it is soft enough to give you the right feedback and feel when you strike your cymbal.


The CUSH PADS® are also NOT a cellular material, they are a solid material that has been extruded, lathe-cut and properly ground down, even the edges have a nice finish.


Since the material is solid and does not have any air pockets in it, the pad will NOT collapse on you or take shape. Your cymbals will NOT start tilting. Your Hi-Hats will stay exactly how you set them. No more having to spin your hi-hat around to get it to sit straight.


Our special material also naturally allows the cymbal to ring the way the cymbal smith intended the instrument to ring and sound.


We also use a much smaller pad on the top, since the pad is strong enough to withstand the cymbal whipping back and striking the wing nut, but its smaller circumference is one more step in allowing the cymbal to ring accurately. Try CUSH PADS® on your smaller cymbals as well, and notice how your splashes and bells ring truer, you’ll swear you upgraded your cymbals.


Sonall Percussion T-Sleeves® are the latest product to go along with Sonall CUSH PADS®.

T-Sleeves® are Teflon cymbal sleeves that protect your cymbals from the metal shaft on your stand. You may know that Teflon is super slick (your eggs don’t stick to it), but what you may not know is that it's also a self-healing polymer. It's in a class of "smart materials" that has the ability to repair itself when damaged.


That's a lot of tech talk for something that can be fashioned on your cymbal stand from a pen cap in a pinch. And T-Sleeves® won’t even make a noticeable sonic improvement.


But what they will do is take a beating. Because they're self-healing and self-lubricating, they'll protect your cymbals from keyholing, and last an extremely long time without cracking or breaking.


T-Sleeves® have been out on the road and tested by some demanding drummers, to outstanding reviews.


For the folks at Sonall Percussion, a great percussion product is like a well-designed camera: it should just get out of your way and let you do your job. If you have to constantly coddle a temperamental product by making sure it's being used a certain way, then it's not a well-designed product, and chances are you will most likely not use it or buy it again.


Just like the CUSH PADS®, T-Sleeves® do their job, improve the performance of your cymbals, last years and years and let you play with real freedom.

And yet, for a product whose material is far more expensive than plastic or nylon, lasts much, much longer and provides superior  protection, T-Sleeves® are priced similarly to many of the top OEM replacement sleeves. 


Give them a try and pair them up with some CUSH PADS®.  We guarantee you will like them.  


Tone Tamers® were technically the first product Sonall made back in the early 80's.


Long before there were any commercial dampening rings I was making the first Tone Tamers from rubber, but it had it's problems.


The new Tone Tamers® are made from an expensive Silicon and the advantage is that they sit flat no matter what.


They give you that big fat snare sound without the hassle of carrying around another contraption that you have to worry about damaging.

The other products can be bent and dimpled and soon they start to not sit flat and you will have to replace them.


The Tone Tamer® can be rolled up and tossed in your gig bag.

No need to worry about it or coddle it because it may be damaged.


Like the other Sonall Products, they are well thought out and engineered.

They perform as expected and they will last for years and years.

Ge that big fat snare sound without the hassle. Do you need that sound for part of a song? no problem, just take it off in the middle of a tune and instantly change your sound.


The CUSH POP® beaters are going to be a new and innovative bass drum beater.


We're aware that drummers get very attached to their beaters and they hold on to them for years, but we feel like the tide is turning.


Drummers are starting to feel the need to experiment with new sounds and colors and the CUSH POP® beater is going to be unique in the industry and an industry first.


This is going to be the first beater with a Silicon head and although it is still in the prototype stages the word so far has been great.


Super punchy with a nice rebound feedback.

Keep your eye's on this one when it lands!


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