Sonall Percussion started in 1983 while Marco Llanos (founder) was attending the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA.


The Musicians Institute (M.I.) was new at that time.  They had several practice drum kits, but students had to bring their own cymbals.  Most of their cymbal stands had either missing felts or they were completely worn out.


The issue with the felts is what started the process of Sonall Percussion coming into existence.  Marco understood that the worn felts were always an issue because they caused the Hi Hats to not sit straight preventing them from closing properly, preventing a clean “chick” sound.  The worn felts also caused the cymbals to not sit properly and settle to undesirable positions. These issues naturally affect the sound quality and the position of the cymbals.


As this problem with the felts was realized more and more, one of the students noticed that Steve Gadd was using a dampening ring on his snare drums which had been made from a cut-out drum head.


As a result, several students began making these ‘mylar’ rings and others soon followed. However Marco Llanos felt that the ‘mylar’ rings still had issues (such as becoming bent and dimpled and would then have to be thrown away.  Soon thereafter Marco created his original Tone Tamers ® made from rubber and handed them out to his friends.  They could be rolled up and were virtually indestructible! They were enthusiastically received as they were an obvious step up from what had been available.  (This was long before any of the other commercial rings were available on the market.)


Though the rubber Tone Tamers ® did improve the situation, this original version was not very flexible so in cold temperatures they would not initially sit flat.  This led Marco to several revisions ending up with the Tone Tamers ® now being made with silicone.  The good qualities of the rubber were kept but they are now impervious to cold temperatures.


While addressing the improvements for the Tone Tamers®, Marco developed the CUSH PADS®. 

The CUSH PADS® also went through many revisions including compound changes and tweakings as a result of extensive testing from drummers from all over. After thorough research and testing from drummers all over, Marco felt he had come up with a very desirable and proven version of both the Cush Pads ® and the Tone Tamers ® which he is now marketing.  


Both of these have been highly endorsed by the likes of “Bermuda” Schwartz ("Weird Al" Yankovic), Pat McDonald (Charlie Daniels Band), Kayleigh Moyer (Barrage 8) and several more (listed on the website).  Marco also recently received a Full page review with DRUMHEAD magazine.


Sonall Percussion is making what appears as merely simple products. But what makes the products so desirable, is that they are well-engineered, hi quality parts, developed through extensive research and testing, Furthermore Marco’s designs are constantly evolving through research in order to improve the quality and usefulness of his current products.


Marco’s goal was to create a company based around quality products for drum parts that he felt had been overlooked in the industry or that could be approached with a better design.


Marco Llanos (founder of Sonall Percussion) states emphatically that

“Sonall Percussion is not in the business of just releasing products, or to create products that are fads. We don't follow fads. We believe in what we're creating and in the products that we put on the market.  We know these products will enhance the quality and performance of drummers around the world.  After all, the mission of Sonall Percussion is to create new and innovative products that are the best in class.  So try our products.  We believe you’ll find yourself loving the sound and feel that they produce and you’ll be using them constantly!”

Be watching for more products to come available.


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